Action Wipes and Special Gift Set Winner

, | UltraRob | Monday, April 6th, 2009 at 2:46 pm

Congratulations to Nathaniel for winning the Action Wipes giveaway I announced on my Action Wipes review. Martha Van Inwegen threw in a special gift set on twitter yesterday. If you didn’t win, you can get 15% off Action Wipes with coupon code ultra.

Sounds like Nathaniel will get good use out of the Action Wipes. Below is the comment he used to enter.

I train everyday swimming, running, or biking with most days doing at least two workouts. In order to fit them all in I need to do one in the morning before work and then one after work. I also have a baby due real soon so my time allowed for showers and self cleaning will be drastically shortened to non existent. New baby = no sleep and not much time to train. Being able to use action wipes after I work out would really help me save on time and energy. Plus I won’t be getting all of those weird looks that I get now when I go into the office right after working out. I’ve heard many good things about them just haven’t had the chance to try them out yet. I’ve got plenty of baby wipes stocked up but those stink bad and leave your skin feeling gross.

Nathaniel just send me an email (on in right side bar or on About page) with your address.

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  1. bullschuck says:

    Congratulations Nathaniel. And thanks for the coupon code, Rob. I just got my Action Wipes in the mail today.

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