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2007 Leadville 100 MTB Start

About this time every year, people start asking a lot of the same questions on the Yahoo Leadville 100 MTB group. Last year these questions were the motivation for a great article about preparing for your first ultra. Although it covers most of the common questions about Leadville, it may not be the best format for finding the answer to a specific question.

Nearly all the questions have many answers. It’s key to experiment during training to find what works for you and then stick to that on race day. My answers are based on racing the Leadville 100 6 times, crewing twice and just watching one year.

Here’s the outline for the questions I’ll be answering. I’ll add links here as I write the posts. Feel free to suggest more questions. Also feel free to add your comments on the answers.

  • How do I enter?
  • How does the entry lottery work?
  • How to train?
  • What to eat during rides?
  • What Equipment?
    • Best Bike?
    • Which tires?
    • Disc brakes or V-brakes?
  • What’s the course like?
  • How about the altitude?
  • Where to stay?
  • Race day questions
    • How do I get my best finish time?
    • When should I get to the start line?
    • What do I do with drop bags?
    • What to wear?
    • What should I carry with me?
    • How about the congestion on St. Kevins?
    • What are the aid stations like?
    • Will I finish?
    • Music or No Music?

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59 responses to “Leadville 100 MTB FAQ”

  1. Nicole G says:

    Not sure if you are still monitoring this thread, but was wondering if there was a date the lottery is held? Assume it would be around Feb 1??? Also assume they notify you via email??? would my assumptions be correct?

    • UltraRob says:

      Nicole, I’m still planing on finishing up this FAQ although I’ve only been writing a couple posts a year. The deadline to enter is January 31st at 8 PM. I wouldn’t wait until the last day to enter just in case they have an issue with the website.

      They say will notify those that get in to the lottery by the end of February. In the past, people have found out before mid February but I don’t know if that will change since Lifetime Fitness bought the race.

      Last year they started email notifications and that’s what it’s supposed to be again this year. It used to always be a postcard and checks would generally hit the bank before the card would arrive.

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