Leadville 100 Lottery Deadline Looming

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Leadville 100 Start

The deadline to enter the Leadville 100 mountain bike lottery is tomorrow (January 31st). There’s a $15 fee to enter the lottery and then if you get picked, it’s $275 for the race entry. The $15 lottery fee goes to IMBA, Leadville Trail 100 Legacy Foundation, and to other 501C3 charities locally.

If you haven’t entered yet but are planning an entering, I suggest you do it now in case you have problems with registering. Registration is online and went smoothly for me but you never know. In addition to the long time question about how many Leadville 100 mountain bike races you’ve finished, now there are questions about which bike you ride, which shoes you like, etc.

If you have the guts to sign up for the Leadman/Leadwoman, you can get into the bike race without going through the lottery and into the already full 100 mile run. You have to finish the Trail Marathon and at least one of the Silver Rush events in order to race at the 100 mile bike so you can’t just use it as a way to avoid the lottery. The Leadman/Leadwoman requires you to finish five Leadville events — Leadville Marathon, Silver Rush 50 bike or run, Leadville Trail 100 bike and run and the 10K run. The entry deadline for Leadman/Leadwoman is also tomorrow at 8 PM.

It appears that the number of entrants will go up once again this year so the additional qualifiers shouldn’t take away from the lottery. Last year I believe there were a total of 1,700 spots for the Leadville 100 mountain bike race. This year Cole Chlouber, social media person for Lifetime Fitness Athletic Events and son of the Leadville 100 founder, says the Forest Service has given them a cap of 2,000.

If 100 miles is too far for you or you don’t make it in the lottery or one of the Leadville 100 qualifiers, there are plenty of other races in the Leadville Race Series. Below are the other events.

2012 Leadville Race Series Dates

  • June 23-25 – Leadville Trail 100 Run Training Camp
  • June 30 – Leadville Trail Marathon
  • June 30 – Leadville Trail Heavy Half Marathon
  • July 5-8 – Leadville Trail 100 MTB Training Camp
  • July 14 -Leadville Silver Rush 50 MTB Race
  • July 15 – Leadville Silver Rush 50 Trail Run
  • July 14-15 – Silver King & Silver Queen
  • August 11 – Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race
  • August 12 – Leadville 10K Run
  • August 18-19 – Leadville Trail 100 Run
  • September 1-2 – Leadville MTB Relay
  • September 1-2 – Leadville Run Relay

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