2010 Leadville 100

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Leadville 100 Start

Levi Leipheimer set a new course record for the Leadville 100 today. He finished in 6:16:37 to break Lance Armstrong’s record from last year of 6:28.

Official Results for Top 5 Overall :

1. Levi Leipheimer – 6:16:37.2
2. Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski – 6:25:21.4
3. Todd Wells – 6:30:31.1
4. Dave Wiens – 6:33:54.1
5. Jeremiah Bishop – 6:33:54.4

Complete Results

I had doubts that I was in good enough shape this year to make the 12 hour time cut-off but at the 30 mile mark I was on pace to be a little under 12 hours. A few miles later my asthma started flaring up. I kept going for a little ways but by mile 46 on the Columbine Mine climb it was painful for me to breathe even though I had stopped several times to use my inhaler. I ended turning back down the hill instead of going to the top.

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5 responses to “2010 Leadville 100”

  1. Dustin Breese says:

    Hey, UltraRob, congrats on making it as far as you did! I was a volunteer at the Twin Lakes aid station. There sure were a ton of hurtin riders coming back from the Columbine section. I just hope to get the chance at riding it next year! If you’re ever looking for someone to ride with (especially night riding!) let me know — I ride a bunch up in Monument/Mt Herman road. Nice pictures, btw! Cheers!

  2. Gene says:

    Kudos to you for giving it a try! I get asthma too, especially in cold weather. I don’t think I could have continued another two feet if it flared up!

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