Race Across America Day 8

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On the 8th day of racing in the Race Across America, Jure Robic is continuing to build his lead. The three riders behind him are suffering. Wolfgang Fasching is holding on to 2nd place but Gerhard Gulewicz is close behind. Fasching is reported to be suffering from Shermer’s neck and electrolyte problems. Maybe he doesn’t know about Endurolytes. Shermer’s neck is named after the original RAAM racer that had his neck muscles give out so he couldn’t hold his head up. Last years winner, Daniel Wyss, has dropped to 4th place.

At the other end of the race, Lou Lamoureux and Patty Riddle were dropped from the race because of missing time cut-offs. Word is that Patty is continuing to ride unofficially.
Lou made it much farther this year than last year and gave all he had. He’s riding with a donated kidney. There’s a great post by someone on his crew about the experience.

Tom Seabourne missed the time cut-off in El Dorado by 4 hours and Kerry White missed it by 6 1/2 hours. They both were allowed to continue riding but Tom has since dropped out. He seemed to be moving really slow today. Kerry is the only woman left officially and has been able to pick her speed up slightly. She is a diabetic so another impressive effort by someone with an extra challenge.

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2 responses to “Race Across America Day 8”

  1. cathy says:

    Hi Rob, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts about RAAM from your perspective as a former participant. I wish I could get an update about Patty Riddle. I last heard she was planning to continue on Friday, but I have not seen a confirmation of that on the racingagainstdiabetes.com website.

  2. UltraRob says:

    The website seemed to be done for a little while but it’s now back up. The last update has Patty almost to Kansas with plans to keep going.

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