Outside Magazine Article on Bob Breedlove

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Last May at the local Ride of Silence, I talked to Bob Breedlove’s daughter and she had said the family didn’t believe the official Colorado State report of how he was killed during RAAM in 2005. I didn’t write much about it out of respect for the family. She had told me they had hired a private investigator and that things didn’t make sense. The November issue of Outside magazine has an article about the accident. I don’t get Outside magazine and couldn’t find the article on their website when I heard about it several weeks ago. I had thought of buying one just to read the article but one of the guys at work gave his copy to me without me saying anything about it. Outside has now posted the article online.

I doubt we’ll ever find out the truth of what happened but there are certainly some things about the accident that are disturbing. The judge that sentenced the 15 year old that was driving without a license was never even told that the accident involved a fatality. This year in RAAM, I rode that section of highway just after daybreak. I was surprised at how much traffic there was so early in the morning. I certainly feel for the Breedlove family and my prayers are with them.

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2 responses to “Outside Magazine Article on Bob Breedlove”

  1. Jill says:

    Thanks for the link to this article! I found it very enlightening.

  2. Jim Dulemba says:

    It can’t be said with certainty about truth and the truck’s inhabitants, but one can’t help but wonder, almost six years later, how none of the group thought to put Breedlove’s body in the back of the pickup. One could also surmise they were immediately trying to cover a degree of guilt. I bike thousands of miles every year, consider a helmet mirror a lifesaver, especially considering that an acquaintance once said that because I wear those goofy clothes, people think I’m a “faggot”! I’ve been yelled at, had a water-balloon thrown at me, spit at, and many attempts to run me off the road, so I’d say there’s a predisposed notion about me simply because I’m on a bike. I bike responsibly, try not to anger drivers, but even so, all cars and trucks are the enemy, and it seems to have helped from a cautionary standpoint.

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