UltraRob.com Jersey Update and Jersey Winner

July 5th, 2010

UltraRob Jersey Front

UltraRob Jersey Back

Here’s the 2nd draft of the UltraRob.com jersey. It’s getting close. The blue along the bottom needs some tweaking. I think it needs to fade over a larger distance or at fade a U shape so that the fade goes up farther along the sides. The logo and design on the back also needs some changes to look right.

You can order a jersey below and pay with PayPal. I plan to finalize the order this Wednesday (July 7th) first thing in the morning. If you order after that, I can’t guarantee I’ll have your size. I’m ordering a few extras of common sizes of the club fit jerseys but don’t plan to for the race fit. If you want a race fit one, you’ll need to order by Wednesday morning. There’s the same sizing chart for both styles but the club fit jersey are quite a bit more roomy.

Thanks to everyone who gave their feedback on the 1st draft of the jersey design. Congratulations to Joe Grossi as the lucky winner of a free jersey!

UltraRob.com Jersey (Club Fit – 3/4 Zip)
Price: $50
Size :


UltraRob.com Bike Jerseys (You Could Win One)

June 30th, 2010

I’ve been planning to get UltraRob.com Bike Jersey made for a while and now they’re getting closer to reality. Below is an initial draft for the jerseys. It still needs some work but I wanted to show it to get your thoughts on it.

I’m getting them made in two versions. One version will have a 3/4 zipper and be unisex club fit (looser). I’m also getting a few made with full zip and in more of a race fit.

They’re telling me that if I get my order finalized by early next week, I’ll have the jerseys by the 2nd week of August.

Win One

To encourage feedback on they jerseys, leave a comment below by 8 AM this Friday morning, July 2nd and you’ll be entered to win one of the club fit jerseys.

Buy One

I’m also going to have the jersey available to buy. The 3/4 zipper club fit jerseys will be $50 and the full zip race fit will be $80. If you pre-order by this Monday July 5th, I’ll throw in free shipping. Unless I get several pre-orders for the race fit jerseys, I’m not getting any extras made so if you want one of them, you’ll need to pre-order. I’ll order a few extras of the club fit but pre-order if you want to make sure to get your size plus you’ll get free shipping.

I’ll get a PayPal button added in the next day or two along with instructions on pre-ordering.

Although the club fit jerseys cost quite a bit less, they still have a nice feel to them. I’ve heard people say that the Pactimo jerseys fit small. From the fit kits I have, I don’t think that much different than most of the jerseys I’ve collected in over 20 years of racing. The race fit ones though fit tighter than the club fit ones. If you’re local and want to try on one of the sample kits, let me know and we can figure out and time for you to try them.

Draft UltraRob.com Jersey


Draft UltraRob.com Jersey Back

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