Possible Parole for Killer of Cyclists

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EJ and Jayson Ghost Bikes

I’ve tried writing this post over the last couple weeks and have struggled to write it. On August 6th, 2008, Barbara Thomas turned left in front of 30-year-old Edgar “E.J.” Juarez and 28-year-old Jayson Kilroy on 26th Street. They were both killed.

This was not just an accident. Thomas was taking prescription medications that required her not to drive while taking them. She also was not wearing her glasses required to drive. I’m sure if it was true but the rumor at least was she had just shop lifted at Safeway.

She was sentenced to only 3 years in prison. Now after 11 months she’s up for parole. If it was just an accident, I could maybe see some leniency since she’s 64 and on oxygen. But under the circumstances I don’t think she should be given parole. She could once again be a menace on the streets.

I’ve seen a few different dates but the most reliable seems to be that May 12th will be her parole hearing. It looks like today (Sunday, May 9th) is the final day to comment to the Parole Board. It seems strange for Sunday to be the last day but I’d still send an email or leave a voice message.

You can contact the Parole Board at:
Tim Hand, Deputy Director, Regional Operations
(303) 763-2420

- UltraRob

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5 Responses to “Possible Parole for Killer of Cyclists”

  1. [...] I’ve been meaning to get this posted for a couple weeks but it seems that today may be last day to comment to the parole board about the possible parole for Barbara Thomas that killed EJ and Jayson while they were riding their bikes. See more info about the accident and possible parole here. [...]

  2. Hey Rob I can understand your struggle to write this post. I was just riding up 26th St. today and I think of those guys every time I do. I sent an email last week to the parole board. It seams kinda sad that this lady is 64 years old and on oxygen but we can’t forget the tragedy of these guys loosing their lives and these families loosing their loved ones. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Yeti says:

    DENIED…and rightly so. EJ and Jayson lost the rest of their lives due to her negligence, the short time she has spent behind bars is not near enough punishment. I am not certain it will ever be enough. RIP brothers!

  4. [...] The parole hearing for Barbara Thomas was today.  She killed two cyclist a couple years ago. See more about what happened here. [...]

  5. [...] The parole hearing for Barbara Thomas was today. She killed two cyclist a couple years ago. See more about what happened here. [...]

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