Palmer Park MTB Race Photos

, , | UltraRob | Thursday, May 27th, 2010 at 8:52 am
Matt Simmons at Palmer Park Race

I’ve uploaded several photos of the Ascent Cycling MTB Series race. You can see a few below. Clicking on them will show a larger image. The full set in higher resolution is here.

I’ve also gotten several questions about where the mama bear and cubs were on the course. When I saw them there were in the northeast part of Palmer Park not far from Austin Bluffs although they were first seen close to the central part of the park. The photos are geotagged so this map shows where the bears were on the course when I took the photos.

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3 responses to “Palmer Park MTB Race Photos”

  1. Dave says:

    Do you have the course map?

  2. UltraRob says:


    The GPS course for the Pros without the trail up from the start is here. The only difference for the other classes was they didn’t drop onto the Templeton Trail.

    Here’s the text course description.

    Start Section Only:
    Start on the North side of Parking Area 4 on the Green Crest-Meadows Trail and proceded North. GreenCrest-Meadows Trails turns into GreenCrest-Castle Trail and continue North.

    Actual Race Circuit:
    At Parking Area 14 go West on the Palmer Point Trail and continue until near the intersection of Lazy Land and Mesa Rd. Take the short spur and climb up to Mesa Rd and go North on Lazy Land Rd immediately. Go West on the Palmer Point Trail which eventually turns North down to the Lazy Land Parking Area 23. Go South on the Lazy
    Land Rd up to Parking Area 20 and take the short Palmer Point Trail spur East and then take the sharp left onto the Pine Knoll Trail North. Continue North and take the
    Balanced Rock Trail to the Northwest and continue past Parking Area 22 staying on the single track. Go South on the Marvins Trail until the intersection of Youth Camp Rd.
    Go North on Youth Camp Rd past the Youth Camp. Just prior to getting back to the Lazy Land Rd bear right onto the single track just East of the GreenCrest Trail and go
    South. Proceed to the intersection of the GreenCrest Trail and continue South. Take the GreenCrest spur over to the Youth Camp Rd and go South on Youth Camp Rd up to the Finish (one lap complete).

    For additional laps, after the Finish Banner proceed West on the Palmer Point Trail and you are back on the Race Circuit.

  3. matt benassi says:


    Rob got most of the trail right but at the southern most section of the GreenCrest trail as described above you’ll need to continue south up to Pawnee Ridge and then meander back down to the GreenCrest spur.

    If you are not familiar with Palmer I bet this is confusing–heck even if you ride there every day this is confusing. I set up the course over there and would be happy to ride it with you–just let me know.

    cheers, matt

    bena1916 at yahoo dot com

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