Disappointed with Floyd Landis

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Floyd Landis and Dave Wiens at Leadville 100

In an interview with ESPN, Floyd Landis confirmed that emails the WSJ obtained to cycling officials and sponsors admitting to doping during his cycling career were his. He was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title after testing positive for synthetic testosterone. He still says that he didn’t take synthetic testosterone in the 2006 Tour de France. There was sloppy lab work but after spending $2 million he still lost his doping case.

Not only did Landis, admit to doping but accuses Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Dave Zabriskie and other top American cyclists of also doping. I’ve long believed that most if not all top Pro cyclist are doping to some extent so I don’t find his accusations surprising. The thing is he says he doesn’t have any evidence to prove they did.

It’s one thing if he wants to clear his conscience of what he did. It seems like he’s trying to get back at others with his accusations.


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2 responses to “Disappointed with Floyd Landis”

  1. Fonk says:

    I agree. Seems like a total dick move on his part. I heard that he was pretty pi$$ed that the Tour of CA wouldn’t let him race, and this may have been his revenge on everyone that didn’t help him get in. I think Landis and Dave Z. were even roommates and friends at one point, too, so it surprises me that he turned on Z like that.

  2. Hi Rob,

    I just wanted to get the news out to you and your readers that the Vail Daily just put up a poll on whether Katie and Wendy should be criminally charged. You may have seen their editorial criticizing Hurlbert.

    Please let your voices be heard. Here’s the link. http://apps.vaildaily.com/utils/polling/poll_results.php?poll_ident=1862

    Really nice blog you’ve got by the way. Thanks for posting my article links and the kind words.

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