Let’s Talk Snow Days

, | dlacord | Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 at 8:33 am

We all know our porn names, right? (Take the name of your first pet and the street where you grew up.) Call me Buffy Main.

And our pirate names? Mine is Hester the Black (not sure why).

But I digress. Let’s talk skiing. Copper Mountain is helping us waste more computer minutes with their Ski Patrol name generator. The resort has launched a goofy site, http://www.yoursnowday.com/, to celebrate its theme of “Everybody Deserves a Snow Day.”

You can generate your Ski Patrol name (I’m Deb Fancy Feet Acord, Official Ski Patrol Member), print out “authentic” doctor’s excuses to use at work, watch video instructions for making paper snowballs, snowflakes and paper skis, and enter a contest for best white lie (winner gets a Copper vacation). You even get a snow day excuse soundboard with authentic sounding coughs, hacks, sneezes and groans.
Click on the “Unemployed” button, and you can enter a contest to win a free snow day.

Click on the “I’m the Boss” button, and check out the downloadable employee memos, award certificates and “World’s Greatest Boss” mug wraps.

My favorite part of the site? “You cannot spell Colorado without the word ‘rad.’” (Spoken wisely by Capt. Fred on the intro video.)

- Deb Acord

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