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CrossFit in Downtown Colorado Springs

Lately I’ve been hearing more and more about CrossFit. It is becoming a popular way to get and stay fit. According to Wikipedia, the number of CrossFit-affiliated gyms has grown from 18 in 2005 to over 1,500 in 2009.

Instead of using machines, Crossfit uses jump ropes, calisthenics, kettlebells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, boxes, etc. The main workout for the day is an intense, timed circuit of several exercises. It also works on flexibility though stretching and other exercises. The idea is to gain functional fitness.

I’ve been curious about CrossFit. When I went over to the City Rocks climbing gym last week, I found out that there will also be a CrossFit gym there (SoCo CrossFit has moved to a different location).

The CrossFit Soco group workouts are free through the end of the year. If you’re in Colorado Springs, you only have a couple more takes to take advantage of the free workouts. The workout schedule is on their website.

I was there when a class was about to start and got talked into trying it. There was a warm up with some stretching and pull ups. Then we did the main workout which was jumping rope and lifting weights in between sets. It was timed and the goal is to finish as quickly as possible.

Even if I was cycling fit (which I’m not even close right now), I think it would have kicked my butt. It’s just a different kind of fitness than what I get from endurance cycling.

The following day I was sore. Then I added in a hike of the Manitou Incline. The day after that, it was very painful to go up and down stairs.

Yesterday I gave it another try. Although each individual exercise seemed really easy, I was dripping in sweat and tired even with a modified workout since I’m new. Today I’m sore especially in my shoulders and abs. I imagine I’ll get more sore as the day goes on.

Kevin, the trainer and owner, is great and does a good job of explaining the exercises. He said as the classes get bigger, he many need to have new members take a class to learn the exercises. It can be a bit overwhelming when everyone else knows what to do and you have no idea. The routines change every day and there are a large number of different exercises.

In January the membership is going to be $65 a month. I believe after that the price is going to $105 a month but if you get in at $65 you’ll keep that rate as long as you stay active. There’ll also be drop in and punch card rates for those that don’t go often. Since I’m not used to paying a trainer, the monthly rates seem quite a bit but I know people that’ll pay $40 a session for a personal trainer.

I believe cross training, core strength and flexibility are important for endurance athletes. I know I don’t work on them enough. It’s hard to fit everything in. Have you incorporated CrossFit into your training?


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  1. Rob (great name by the way)

    I have completed my 8th Crossfit WOD as of today. I believe that endurance athletes definitely need Crossfit to help them in their sport.

    That is why I am training to be a trainer and will become Crossfit Running Endurance Certified in May '10.

    You can read about my Adventure Into Fitness.


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