Cyclist Leg Shaving Questions and Answers

, | UltraRob | Tuesday, April 21st, 2009 at 8:49 am

To Shave or Not to Shave Legs
It’s long been a tradition for male cyclists to shave their legs. I think there are more reasons for mountain bikers to shave their legs but fewer do. Here are answers to some common questions about cyclists and shaving their legs.

Why Do Cyclist and Mountain Bikers Shave Legs?

Most people think that shaving is so cyclists are faster because of better aerodynamics. That really isn’t much of a reason why male cyclists shave their legs. Read Top 5 Reasons Cyclists Shave Their Legs to find out the real reasons.

How to Shave Legs?

When I shave my legs, I’m more into simple than perfect so I just use the electric shaver that I use to shave my face. Coach Levi has a detailed post on how to shave legs and do it better than I do. He even includes a video of the process.

How Much to Shave?

I’ve heard it said to shave up to where whitie tighties fit. Personally I stop a little short of that except I shave nearly to my waist on the outside of the hip. The outside of the hip is a likely place to get road rash and pulling bandages off along with hair is no fun. Once again Coach Levi takes it a step further and explains how to shave based on your reason for shaving your legs.

How Often to Shave?

I’m sure there are individual differences but most guys have stubble on their legs within 3 days of shaving. Even so I don’t shave more than once a week. I also only shave during the summer when I’m riding in shorts. I know a few guys that shave year round but I think most cyclists don’t shave during the winter.

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