Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis at Leadville

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Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Start
Update: he didn’t race in 2007 but Lance Armstrong has entered for 2008. In 2007 Landis finished 2nd.

As I posted a couple days ago, everything was pointing to Lance doing the Leadville 100 on August 11th. Yesterday Bicycling published an article that basically confirms it. I doubt Lance or Landis will be at the top form of the careers but it should still make for an interesting race. Hopefully it won’t make things too crazy for crews to get between aid stations.

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  1. rog says:

    I’m a roadie, not a mountain bike guy, but I’ll be looking forward to this race. I wonder what made Lance change his mind – you know he probably pulled out cause he didn’t think he could be Floyd.

  2. UltraRob says:

    I’m not sure yet what I’m doing that weekend. I didn’t enter since I had other races I wanted to do. I haven’t gotten fit this summer so I haven’t done any races yet. I’ve crewed for a friend the last 2 years but he didn’t enter this year either. My wedding aniversary is on the 14th so my wife isn’t happy with the timing of Leadville.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really pretty weak of Lance not to show up. Was he scared? It was a great race. Floyd was very personable and down to earth. Awesome guy.

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