Race Across America Day 7

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With the Race Across America in it’s 7th day, Jure Robic has extended his lead over Wolfgang Fasching to 100 miles. Daniel Wyss is in 3rd place, a 150 miles behind Robic. Although there still is a lot of racing left, it will be hard for anyone to catch Robic unless he has a total melt down. He’s won twice before so the chance of that seems slim. Robic has now ridden over 2237 miles which is more than the Tour de France riders do in 3 weeks.

Of the 5 women that started, only Kerry White is officially left. Lauren Fithian and Caroline van den Bulk have dropped out since they won’t be able to make the time cut-off in El Dorado, KS. Patty Riddle seems to still be riding in central Colorado.

Lou Lamoureux is still riding near the Colorado and Kansas border although he won’t make the time cut-off in El Dorado. Tom Seabourne also doesn’t seem to chance at making the time cut-off and a couple others will be close.

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