12/24 Hours of Sebring

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While mountain bikers, skiers, and runners were conquering 100 miles of snow in Alaska, ultra road cyclists where competing in the first RAAM qualifier of the year at Sebring, FL. The reports are that it was cold for Florida but I’m sure it was nothing like it was in Alaska. There are actually several different divisions and only the 24 hour non-drafting event is a RAAM qualifier.

John Schlitter put in the most miles at the event with 479.5 miles on a recumbent. He’ll be racing RAAM on a 2 man team. Brett Walker who is training for solo RAAM this year won the 24 hour race with 467.5 miles. John Jurczynski who is also training for RAAM won the 12 hour division with 245.5 miles. Nancy Guth won the women’s drafting 24 hour race with 309.4 miles. Complete results for the 24 hours are posted here and the 12 hours results are here.

Bloggers JB and Transplant Athlete (Lou) were there. JB put in 353.8 miles. He was written a preliminary race report. Lou did RAAM last year. He’s doing RAAM again this year. He didn’t feel good and ended up bailing after 14:45 with 222.5 miles in. He was quite disappointed with that but it’s a long time until RAAM.

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