Trail Access in Pike/San Isabel National Forests

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I’ve gotten a few e-mails including ones from IMBA and the Medicine Wheel Email List about the Management Plan for the Pike and San Isabel National Forests being revised. The Pike and San Isabel National Forests cover a huge area along the Front Range and into the central mountains. The area includes epic mountain bike rides like the Monarch Crest Trail, Buffalo Creek, sections of the Colorado and Continental Divide Trails, and numerous trails near Colorado Springs, Salida, Leadville, and Pueblo.

There is a page on the web that gives ways to get your opinion heard. The Forest Service is holding 7 public meetings. Two of them have already taken place. One is scheduled for this Tuesday in Denver and our Colorado Springs meeting is planned for Wednesday night. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend it but hopefully I’ll be able to get some information on what happens there. I know at least one person from Pikes Peak Velo plans to go.

The biggest issue is some people would like to see the whole west and south slope of Pikes Peak, among 10 other places in central Colorado, be designated as Wilderness. I’ve spent plenty of time backpacking in wilderness areas and think they are important but they don’t allow mountain bikes. According to the email on from theMedicine Wheel Email List, the Central Colorado Wilderness Coalition would like to see Wilderness designation and they are planning on attending/commenting in large numbers. If you can’t make any of the meetings, you can send an email to or snail mail comments to

Pike-San Isabel National Forests
Attn: Forest Plan Revision Team
2840 Kachina Drive,
Pueblo, CO 81008

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8 responses to “Trail Access in Pike/San Isabel National Forests”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Damned Ignorant tree huggers!
    First they came for the Mountain Bikers, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Mountain Biker.
    Then they came for the Pack Animals, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I didn’t ride a horse.
    Then they came for the bird watchers, and I didn’t speak up,
    because I wasn’t a bird watcher.
    Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Keep your stupid ass in the city. There’s plenty of land for you to fuck up already. Keep the SOUTH SLOPE closed!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You attitude is TYPICAL. God put that land there just for YOU and YOU ALONE, huh?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Posting to a blog:
    Apparently, so easy a CAVEMAN can do it.
    Didn’t know the mountains belonged to you…

  5. First Poster says:

    As I said. Damn IGNORANT tree hugger.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How many of you folks are from Colorado? You move here, clog the trails, roads, think you’re entitled, spouting little right wing cliches. Colorado needs to be protected from all of us! There are simply too many people! Multiple use is actually multiple abuse. The land can’t sustain> Earth First!

  7. First Poster says:

    Yes, I’m from Colorado. I live in the Springs. Yes, I moved here about 15 years ago, but that has absolutely no bearing on the conversation in question. Perhaps your father moved here, or his father (somehow that makes you a “native”?). Point is, we ALL moved here. I think it is ridiculous to the extreme that one would insinuate that how long one has lived here gives one more right to decide on issues such as these. Fact is, those mountains don’t even belong to ANYONE in Colorado. They are NATIONAL forest. ANYONE in the US has just as much right to an opinion as someone who’s family took the land from the REAL natives and has lived in Colorado for 200 years. Yes, even the man born in Honduras, who lives in LA and just got his US citizenship today gets a vote.
    BTW, if you did just a BIT of research, you’d know that my “little right wing cliche” is actually a play off Martin NieMoller’s poem that was in response to Hitler and people’s willingness to let the Government persecute any group other than their own. It exhorts people to stand up AGAINST the government. Is that your definition of “right wing?”. If so, I’m guilty as charged.
    Perhaps you advocate allowing the government to persecute groups (other than your own)?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seems that someone has “come to a battle of wits unarmed”…

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