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This morning I got up at 4 AM because I had a 6:10 flight to San Antonio. It’s the only direct flight from Colorado Springs. It was a small regional jet and I was sitting in row 2. Once everyone got on the plane, they asked me and the guy in front of me to go sit in one of the back 4 rows to balance the plane. I know I’m a little heavy but I didn’t think that bad. My diet is going well and I’ve moved into first in the B5 Challenge but I guess that’s not enough.

Once I got to San Antonio, it wasn’t much over an hour drive to Fredericksburg. I easily found the city park with camping and set up my tent. They have wireless internet access here at the park for $12 a week. I pay nearly that for my high speed access at home. I’m sitting at the picnic table under a beautiful moonlight sky writing this post.

I didn’t know what to expect for places to get food or anything else I forgot. There’s a large combined drug and grocery store and a Super Wal-Mart so supplies shouldn’t be a problem. Today’s high was 89 degrees which was a bit of a shock. I waited until nearly dark to go spin out the legs so it would be a little cooler. Now it’s a bit chilly. Tomorrow is supposed to be 82 degrees which will feel plenty hot. The long ride for tomorrow is called Windows on Doss and is 105.4 miles. There’s a town called Doss on the route but I haven’t figured out what the windows are.

Update: Texas Hell Week photos and posts for each day.

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