Hell Week Day 1 – Windows to Doss

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When I showed up today for the A ride, I was surprised at how many people where doing the long ride. Several people I talked to though plan to do something shorter tomorrow and some guys took short cuts back. The lead group put the hammer down pretty much as soon as we got out of town. I wanted to chase but figured I needed to hold back some so I can do long miles everyday. One guy brought his dog along for the ride. I love my dog but he isn’t getting a free ride. I met several nice people along during the day and never ended up riding alone.

For a while I was riding with a strong rider Randy from Indiana. Unfortunately one of his spoke nipples broke. I tried truing it up enough to not hit the brakes but the nipple on the spoke next to it on the same side also broke. Then his wheel was hitting the fork. I ended up pulling a spoke from the other side and on the opposite side of the wheel out so there wouldn’t be too spokes out together. I then trued it just enough to keep it from hitting the fork because I was afraid of another one breaking. He took a short cut back into town in hopes of being able to get it fixed. Hopefully he’ll be back out riding tomorrow.

We went to Luckenbach. I’m not sure what draws people there as there’s only a couple buildings but there were a lot of bikers of another kind. Someone said there’s a song about it. Maybe I ride my bike too much to have enough culture to know about it. The group I was with hung out for a little while and had something cold to drink and some food.

It was slightly cooler today with a high of 86 degrees. The official ride length 105.4 but everybody seemed to have a couple more than that. It’s a little over a 3 mile ride into town for me so I got some extra miles. I ended up with 114.4 with 4754 feet of climbing. There really wasn’t much in the way of actual climbs but a lot of little ups and downs.

Update: Texas Hell Week photos and posts for each day.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Lets go to Luckenback Texas, with Willie and Waylan and the Boys. . .”

    It’s a country song by Waylon Jennings, and it must at least be from the the Early 80’s.

    The name of the song is . . . uh, I think “back to the basics of love”.

    Sounds like a great ride.


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