Hell Week Day 5 – Leakey Death Ride

, , | UltraRob | Wednesday, March 15th, 2006 at 9:17 pm

Leakey Death RideAfter my bonking episode yesterday, I decided I needed to make sure I ate more at night. I ate two plates of food at the banquet last night but afterward I got hungry again. I went to McDonald’s and had a nice greasy burger and fries. It must have worked because today I felt the best I have at Hell Week. The Leakey Death Ride is considered the toughest A ride and the only route that has been used all 16 years. Because it’s a popular ride, the A ride was small yesterday as people do the shorter routes to be rested today. At mile 25 and about 12 miles later there are a couple really steep hills.

The scenery was great and all day I was in good groups. Since we had to drive about 50 miles to the start, there wasn’t a set start time although Nick suggested we leave Fredericksburg around 7:00. The slower riders left earlier so it was interesting to see so many people as we caught up to them. Since I’ve riding near the front I haven’t seen that many riders.

By spinning around the block at the end I was able to get to 109 miles with 5210 feet of climbing. My average speed of 18.1 mph is the fastest I’ve had here.

Update: Texas Hell Week photos and posts for each day.

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One response to “Hell Week Day 5 – Leakey Death Ride”

  1. Al Maviva says:

    Rob, you one crazy bugger. I kid myself that someday, when I really learn to ride, I’ll be able to ride like you.

    Yeah. Right. That’ll be the day cows fly.

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