Hell Week Day 4 – Bound for Boerne

, , | UltraRob | Tuesday, March 14th, 2006 at 8:44 pm

Last night it was cold and it was when I got up. It started warming up about the time I left for the ride but it was still cold enough for knee and arm warmers and a vest. For a little while, I rode at the front with Allen Larsen and talked to him about RAAM. About mile 15 some guys attacked and Allen went with them and I stayed with another group. We were still riding a good pace. Just before we got to Boerne which was just over half way, I started feeling a bonk coming on. I had fallen a little behind on fuel and normally it wouldn’t have been a problem but after all the riding I’ve doing I don’t have much in reserve. I ate more than normal at the store in Boerne but still felt hungry. I couldn’t stay with Nick, the Hell Week organizer, and another guy. Nick’s advice was that I’d feel that way in RAAM so it was good training. After spinning easy for 10-15 minutes, I felt strong again but ended up riding the last 40 miles by myself.

Today I saw a couple other Texas sized gates but none as big as yesterday. For the most part the ride was a lot like the last few days, not that it’s a bad thing. It turned out being a absolutely beautiful day with a high around 70 degrees. I got in 113.2 miles with 4731 feet of climbing. My average speed of 16.6 mph was a little slower than it’s been but still not bad.

Tonight was the banquet. I hardly recognized anyone there even though I’ve been riding with them the last few days. I did recognize some of the people from the campground since I’ve seen them without helmets and glasses. Tomorrow is a road trip for the only route that has been used for every Texas Hell Week. It’s about a 50 mile drive to the start but is supposed to be a very pretty area that is quite different than here. It’s supposed to be a lot like along the Guadalupe River where we were for a bit yesterday. I also hear that it is a very tough route with a couple very steep hills. There are local ride options but it sounds like the road trip one is “the ride”.

Update: Texas Hell Week photos and posts for each day.

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0 responses to “Hell Week Day 4 – Bound for Boerne”

  1. Anonymous says:

    On the multi-day rides I’ve done I always notice that about day 3 I get insatiably hungry. I’ve never been riding hard enough in a multi-day format to determine whether a reduction in performance accompanied the Void.

    The grand tour riders often comment how the slightest stomach bug will totally screw them for the race. It has nothing to do with the illness directly but due to the interuption of their eating schedule. I’d guess during the grand tours (and the RAAM) those guys are nearing (or exceeding) a body’s ability to absorb calories, so constant eating is essential.

    As for me and my thrid day hunger, only two or three HUGE meals would fill the void, but after each meal, I would have been unable to ride well for a couple hours.


  2. JB says:

    Great posts Rob. I’m really enjoying reading them. Good to see your getting nice mileage in down there.


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