Eiseman Hut Trip – Day 3

| UltraRob | Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 at 8:29 pm

Tuesday was another beautiful day. It was about zero degrees when we got up. After eating Jaime, Tom, Matthew, Dave, and I headed down from the Eiseman Hut to the saddle to the ridge to the southwest. This is one of my favorite places to ski at the Eiseman Hut. The northwest face of it doesn’t get much sun and the trees protect it from wind so the snow is almost always really nice powder. As you get down toward the bottom of the drainage, there are a lot of big, old trees and it’s just a really pretty area.

After a run or two, Dave decided he wanted to go ski where it was more open. Jaime couldn’t stay the 3rd night. He was going back to the hut at noon so he didn’t want to drop too far down and have to cut an up track all the way back up so we stayed on the upper part. When he went back to the hut, Matthew did too to eat lunch but Tom and I just kept skiing.

Once it was just Tom and I, we dropped all the way to the bottom of the drainage. The last part of the drop is pretty steep and the trees are tight. It actually is a little hard for my skiing ability. It’s so pretty down there and the only way to get better at skiing is to push what you’re comfortable with. The first time back up to where we had been skiing was hard and slow since we had to cut a new up track.

Matthew came back looking for us and he left his initials and when he was there. It turned out he had been about 10 minutes behind us at the top of the ridge. We took a 10 minute break and ate some and kept calling for him but never got a response so we dropped down again. He ended up going and skiing with David up high in a bowl. Tom and I got back to the hut a little after 5. There was still some daylight left but we had been out for 8 hours and had only sat down for 10 minutes so we were really tired and called it another day of skiing.

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