Eiseman Hut Trip – Day 2

| UltraRob | Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 at 12:07 pm

Monday morning was cold but beautiful. It was -3 degrees but it’s been as cold as -20 degrees when we’ve been at the Eiseman Hut. We spent the morning skiing off the ridge behind the hut and our up track brought us by the hut every time around. We stayed more in the trees than the night before so the snow wasn’t as packed and was faster. We spent 3.5 hours skiing and then since we were close to the hut we took a nice break in the hut for lunch. After lunch we skied another 3 hours from the ridge and more directly below the hut. Tom and Jaime took one last run about sunset down toward the saddle to the southwest but I felt like I was too tired to enjoy it so I headed in.

Two couples skied out on Monday and one couple had another night so we knew we’d have a smaller group at the hut. The 10th Mountain Hut website showed the hut being full with 16 people but our group was 2 people short. This meant that a group of 2 should be coming in. I hadn’t sleep well Sunday night because I forgot to get my ear plugs out of my pack before I went to bed. The guy in the bunk above me came to bed after I had gone to sleep but he woke me up when he came to bed. He kept shining his light around and wasn’t quiet. One of the couples that left had one of the bedrooms. I went in during the middle of the afternoon and moved my stuff into it since I figured there was plenty of room. I slept much better the next 2 nights. Anyway it turned out that only an OR nurse from Vail came in by himself since the person that was supposed to come with him couldn’t.

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