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Whether or not women’s skis differ from men’s skis has been a subject contemplated by ski consumers for a long time.  Over 20 years ago the reply was probably not—the difference was a layer of pastel paint and possibly a few fluffy, floral designs.  At least women looked as if they had their own ski, with ski companies pursuing women’s attraction  to panache.  Thankfully that has significantly changed across the years and women’s skis are now constucted to revolve around their distinct physiology.  And that makes all the difference in the world of women’s skiing, notably for the beginning and intermediate skier.

A Lady’s Ski Design Spins Round Her Center of Gravity

As it’s transparent to the naked eye, women boastfully display a different center of gravity than men.  In a woman the center drops lower around the hips, which pushes her weight backwards  and concentrates it closer to the tail end.  She has a tendency to lean back when skiing.  While a man’s center shifts above the navel where there exists more muscle bulk.   

Women’s skis are altered to adjust for this key dissimilarity.  Ski boots and bindings are fitted a couple of centimeters forward towards the ski tip. The waist of the ski is also moved forward resulting in a shorter, lighter tip. And a woman’s ski is designed for more responsiveness  making it easier for her to initiate quick, concise turns.   Altogether these adjustments  result in better performance and easier execution.  

Women weigh less and aren’t as tall as men. So their skis are made with lightweight materials for less fatigue on the hills.  A women’s ski line provides a wider range of short lengths and with the new developments today you don’t have to compromise steadiness and speed.  Enjoying the hobby in comfort is also critical to women resulting in boots that are built less stiff.

Women’s Skis are Designed on Technology

The brand name manufacturers of women’s skis such as Salomon appreciate these key dissimilarities, and build skis to help women experience  a comfortable glide  with high execution and ease.  The front runners in the ski trade  during the past several years have invested  a lot of effort, time and money on research and technology in order to present unique skis that accommodate the female physique .  Then women specific modifications  for each ski classification and level are extensively tested by women, on site, with  a full range of expertise. 

Yes There is a Difference

No matter what your skill level, from trainee to pro, or passion—discovering new mountain terrain, demolishing the parks, speeding for the prize or maybe you favor something a little more relaxing like a nice downhill jog–you will find brand name skis crafted to accommodate your unique anatomy and desires. With all this information, it is easy to figure out a woman’s physique fashions all the difference. Whether snow skis are different between the genders, the reply is absolutely and it’s all packed by research not powdery fluff.

Salomon MTN Explore 88 Skis + Salomon Z12 Demo Bindings 2016
Salomon MTN Explore 88 Skis + Salomon Z12 Demo Bindings 2016
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Salomon Mai Tai Skis Women's
Salomon Mai Tai Skis Women's
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Salomon Q 88 Lux Skis Women's
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