Weekend in Leadville

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Lance Armstrong on Leadville 100 Course

This weekend we went camping near Leadville at 11,000 feet. With the Leadville 100 this weekend, I wanted to spend some more time at altitude. A couple weeks ago, I slept in the back of our van at 11,700 feet and I’ve done a few rides at altitude this summer but I don’t think I’ve spent as much time at altitude as normal.

I had also replaced several worn out parts on my bike plus switched to new tires so I wanted to give them a try on the Leadville 100 course. I rode most of what I wanted to see of the Leadville 100 course when I was there a couple weeks ago but I didn’t ride Powerline. Since I’ve been sick and didn’t want to push it, I had my wife drop me off at Carter Summit. I rode from there around the back side of Turquoise Lake, up Sugarloaf, down Powerline and over to the Fish Hatchery.

Just after I hit the pavement after Powerline, I saw Lance Armstrong, Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski and someone else I didn’t recognize coming toward me. I looked back and saw they stopped at some vehicles so I turned around. Lance was friendly and let me take a photo with him. He said this week was really busy for him so he would decide this week for sure whether he’s racing. He also said it’s been a while since he’s been fast. JHK said it was a really tough course but it sounded like he’ll be bringing his A game.

Since it was Boom Days in Leadville we checked it out. It seemed to be mainly booths selling trinket stuff but there were some mining competitions. I would liked to have seen them doing the rock drilling but when we were there they were just seeing how fast someone could fill an ore cart with gravel.

Sunday morning was the burro races. We didn’t stick around for them to come back to town. They had a few burros that they were letting people race for about a block and back. My girls wanted to do it. The 5 year old was very disappointed because they wouldn’t let her do it because she just had flip flops. They let my 7 year old do it but I had to do it with her. Normally I avoid running but it was fun pulling a burro down the street and we won our group.


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2 responses to “Weekend in Leadville”

  1. MattMan says:

    SWEET photo with Lance! That’s awesome dude.

  2. […] couple years ago we were in Leadville for the Leadville Boom Days and the burro race. I believe the burro race is about 21 miles. Not only do you run most of a marathon through the […]

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