Possible Good News for White Acres

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White Acres

I went to the Colorado Springs city council meeting this afternoon because of the White Acres annexation proposal. Read my post from Sunday for some background information. Mr. Howard of Proverbs 3.5 LLC got up and asked that the presentation of the annexation proposal be postponed for 2 weeks. He said there had been some productive talks with City Parks and he wanted to continue those.

There was some discussion about whether to postpone it since quite a few people were there to discuss it. Scott Hente excused himself because he’s done business with Mr. Howard in the past. Jerry Heimlicher was the only one to vote against postponing.

Heimlicher was the one that wrote the guest column in the Westside Pioneer. In it he stated he couldn’t support development of White Acres. The council took a recess after voting to postpone.

Heimlicher came back and was talking to a small group of us. He said he didn’t think it would be necessary to come back in 2 weeks and that it was a good thing. He also said he thought if the annexation had gone to a vote that it would have been rejected. He said he really couldn’t say more than that.

I also talked to Chris Lieber from Colorado Springs Parks and Recreation. He seemed positive about what could happen with White Acres. We mainly talked about the 531 mile ride he and his family took on their quad bike from the Atlantic headed west. His kids are 9 and 10.

I’ll be on the watch for any news about White Acres and will post it when I find it. If it’s on the council agenda again in 2 weeks, I’ll try going and getting the details.

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