A Dozen More Gift Ideas for Cyclists

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A couple weeks ago I gave some cycling and outdoor gift ideas. The cycling gifts included things mountain bikers would like. The post has been popular so here are some more gift ideas of road cyclists. Mountain bikers would also love most of these gifts.

Graham Watson is one of the best photographers of pro cycling. I don’t any road cyclist that wouldn’t love the Graham Watson Calendar.
Joe Friel’s Cyclist’s Training Bible is one of the best training guides out there. He explains periodization which is the basis of most training plans. He steps you through setting up a training plan for different goals. He has also written The Mountain Bikers Training Bible and The Triathlete’s Training Bible
Safety is important when you’re on the road. We always hope that nothing bad will happen and most likely it won’t. Still it’s good to have some ID on you if you’re injured and can’t talk. I’ve been using the wrist Road ID for a very long and don’t even notice I have it on. They also have ones that go on your ankle or shoe.
Another safety essential is a helmet. I used the Giro Pneumo for several years.
Your favorite cyclist needs something to fuel their rides. Hammer Gel is a great way and by buying it in a jug and using a flask, it’s good for the environment too.
The Pearl Izumi Zephrr Vest is a great way to take off the chill. My windbreaker vest is one of my most used cycling items.
Using CO2 cartridges for flats during rides may not be the best for the environment but they sure make it easy to fix a flat. I only get a handful of flats even when I’m doing mega miles so it’s not that bad. There are CO2 inflators that are allow to control the pressure but I love the size and simpleness of the Microflate.
A good floor pump is a must for any cyclist. You can’t go wrong with a pump from Park Tools. Some pumps have a single head that is supposed to work for both Presta and Shraedar valves. I’ve had a couple and weren’t happy with either one. I’d stick to a pump that has a dual head if you want both. I always use Presta valves on my bikes but my kid’s bikes have Shraedar
I have a couple pairs of Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece Knee Warmers. They’re the perfect things for cool mornings or evenings. Some people prefer leg warmers. I like the Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece ones because the light fleece on the inside really makes a difference in staying warm
The companions to knee or leg warmers are arm warmers.
An indoor trainer is a great way to stay fit in the winter so spring bike rides are more run. The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Trainer is a top rated fluid trainer. Magnetic trainers are cheaper and get the job done but they’re louder and don’t feel as much like the road.
A seat pack is nice for carrying a multi-tool, spare tube and tire levers.
If none of the gear above is a good fit for your gift buying, check out the Cycling and Outdoor Gift Card Guide. Also, below are links to some more gift guides for even more gift ideas.

Gift Guides

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