Frosty Night on the Manitou Incline

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Frost Covered Tree on Manitou Incline
An informal group hikes the Manitou Incline each week and then meets at Kinfolks in Manitou for beer. Although I’ve been wanting to go, I hadn’t made it until last week.

Our sunny, warm weather from earlier in the week was gone. It was replaced by cold and fog. It was interesting seeing headlamps in the fog.

Frosty Branches on the Manitou InclineIt didn’t take long until the lights of Manitou disappeared in the fog and were just a glow in the fog. Eventually even the glow disappeared and it was just very dark.

Almost every weather condition has it’s own beauty. Sometimes I don’t notice the beauty because I’m grumbling about the weather. I didn’t have any trouble noticing the beauty of the frost on the branches when the light from my headlamp hit them.

Although I’d been behind nearly everyone and they disappeared into the fog when I stopped to take some photos, Charlie and Josh caught me near the top. The 3 of us then hiked down Barr Trail together.

Frosty HairThe tree branches weren’t the only things frosty. My hair was also covered in frost when I got back to the bottom. The photo is out of focus because I forgot I had put the camera on manual focus.

One of the cool things about heading over to Kinfolks was I met 2 local bloggers for the first time. Yeti blogs at UpaDowna about all things outdoors. He knows his stuff and teaches outdoor survival classes. Brownie does what I think is crazier than ultra cycling. He’s an ultra runner and did both the Hardrock 100 and Leadville 100 run this year.

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