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, | UltraRob | Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 6:33 pm

Last month I announced I was going to donate 20% of my June site earnings to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The Fat Cyclist’s Triathalon and raffle is what prompted me to donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation through MikeRoadieā€™s donation page.

Fatty’s Triathalon was a huge success and the raffle raised $37,500 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. June was also a good month on Over $30,000 of cycling and outdoor gear was bought after visiting That made for a nice donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Thanks to everyone who helped out by buying some gear.

Unfortunately nearly everyone has been affected by cancer. We were fortunate when my Dad got testicular cancer several years ago. It was caught early. He had surgery and some radiation treatments. He has been doing well since.

Things have not gone so well for my brother-in-law. A little over a year and a half ago, he started coughing up blood. It took the doctors a few months to figure out what was going on. It turned out he had a very aggressive form of lung cancer that is different from what is caused by smoking.

He has had a few rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. Through it all he has stayed positive. When the chemo isn’t making him too sick, he has been mountain biking and hiking.

A couple months ago the doctors said there wasn’t much more they could do. A couple weeks ago he started having a lot of pain. He was admitted to the hospital with a lot of fluid on his lungs. They’ve drained the fluid a few times. They did a procedure they hoped would reduce the fluid but it didn’t help much.

A scan they did yesterday didn’t show much since he has so much inflammation. With the little they could see, they could tell the cancer has continued to spread. Even though they are giving him morphine, he’s in a lot of pain. Hopefully he’ll improve but things aren’t looking right now.

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3 Responses to “Lance Armstrong Foundation Donation”

  1. I hope your brother gets better Rob. My family has been lucky in terms of not having anyone get cancer (though it’s been offset by other health issues, mostly strokes and Alzheimer’s) so I can only imagine how tough it is for him and the whole family.

    I’ll be buying some cycling gear over the next week and will check with your shop for the stuff I’m looking for.

    Again, best wishes for your brother, hopefully he recovers fully.

  2. Yeti says:

    Way to go man!! Glad to hear of the great donations you and your readers/customers gave, especially to such a great foundation that unfortunately seems to have lost some notoriety since the yellow bracelet fad has slowed!

  3. [...] to ride up to Denver on Saturday to see my brother-in-law that is in the hospital with lung cancer (More about him here). It was a hot day but the ride was pleasant on 105 to Sedalia. From there I took 85/Santa Fe to [...]

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