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, , | UltraRob | Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 at 9:43 pm

For at least the last couple weeks, a petition has been circulating around that asks the Google Maps team to add a Bike There option to Google Maps. Currently there’s an option for Public Transportation in some cities. has more information.

I think having a Bike There option would be great although I think it would probably only be done for the big cities. I’d really like to be able to pick a 100 mile route while I’m on vacation and know I wasn’t headed on some suicide ride. A ride I did from near San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara comes to mind.

Currently uses Google Maps for bike routes but is limited to Portland, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin. Bike Metro provides bike routes for southern California but uses different mapping technology.

I listed several sites for mapping with GPS for cycling a while back. You’d think most of the routes that are shared would be relatively safe but some may not be. Just like if I had GPS and had shared my route from San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara. Do you know of any other sites for safe bike routes?

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2 responses to “Google Map Bike There Feature”

  1. I use Not necessarily does it show safe routes, but riders can post comments and ride descriptions (“hills”, “low traffic”, “trail”, etc.)

  2. UltraRob says:

    Jeffrey, thanks for the comments on MapMyRide. It’s been a few months since I’ve looked at it. It seemed like a lot of rides didn’t have any comments so it was hard to tell much more than distance and elevation profile. I should take another look at it as it may be getting better.

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