2 Chances to Win a $50 Gift Card in Time for Christmas

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I’ve been working on a cycling and outdoor gear search on this site for a little over a year. I have a lot more things I want to do with it plus some things need fixing. With my limited time, it will be a while before I get to some of the things.

Here’s your chance to help me and win a $50 gift card. So that I can spend my time working on things you think would make the biggest difference, I’m going to give away a gift card in return for suggestions.. Look around, search for something you’re dreaming about for Christmas. Then write a comment on this post with what you’d like added or what needs improving.

I want to provide incentive to provide good suggestions so I’m not going to award the gift card totally randomly. I also don’t want to spend a lot of time agonizing over which is the best comment. I’m going to pick a handful of the best comments and then pick one of them randomly.

Comments must be submitted by Sunday night, December 23rd. Make sure that I can easily find your e-mail address if you link to your site or that you put it in your comments. Feel free to use name[]mysite.com or something so your e-mail doesn’t get grabbed by the spam bots. I’ll announce a winner sometime on Monday, Christmas Eve. If you win, you can pick any gift card from this page. I prefer you pick one that can be e-mailed but I’ll have one mailed as long as you live in the US.

A 2nd way to win a $50 gift card is to help spread the word about this giveaway and the cycling and outdoor gear search. You’ll need to have a blog or website for this one. Write something and link to both this post and the cycling and outdoor gear search page.

Once you’ve linked, either leave a comment here on where to find them or send me an e-mail. I’m going to end this contest a day earlier than the other one so your readers will have time to enter. That means Saturday night, December 22nd.

For the 2nd giveaway, I’ll pick a winner totally randomly. The winner will be announced at the same time as the other giveaway. The winner will also get the same choice of gift cards.

Salomon X Alp Pro GTX Hiking Boots
Salomon X Alp Pro GTX Hiking Boots
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$209.95 on sale
Asolo TPS 520 GV Evo Hiking Boots
Asolo TPS 520 GV Evo Hiking Boots
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Scarpa Zen Pro Mid GTX Hiking Boots
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6 responses to “2 Chances to Win a $50 Gift Card in Time for Christmas”

  1. Coach Levi says:

    My entry is posted, hopefully it sends some entrants!


  2. kwc says:

    Howdy, I tried to do a search for cycling power meters and wasn’t terribly happy with the result. After some thought, it seems that there were two reasons I was unhappy: (1) even if I put the word ‘cycling’ in, I got a slew of non-cycling products dominating the results and (2) I couldn’t come up with a query that would actually return a good selection of power meters. This, in part, seems to be because the words “power” and “meter” by themselves match very different things. Other queries I tried afterwards fared better, but at the very least I think the ability to narrow down to a particular sport might be useful, though perhaps difficult.

    kwc [at] kwc.org

  3. Posted to The Adventure Blog as well: http://theadventureblog.blogspot.com/2007/12/gear-notes.html

    Hopefully you’ll get some good suggestions! Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi and Merry Christmas to you and your readers!
    First off i have you added to blog here http://oldwaybecomesnewagain.blogspot.com/2007/12/its-friday-schools-out-for-christmas.html

    I tried the search bar on a couple things i am actually shopping for..we are big on camping,hiking etc. so i looked at tents first.My search was very relevant,even found something i am looking for, a Tent Ground Cloth ,which i may add i can get if i win a gc.! 😉
    afterwards i done a search for canteens,something else in the market for.On this one i did get a mixed variety of anything with ”canteen” in it..sunglasses etc. BUT,the search showed up a Canteen Replacement Cap and Filter from Healthy Alternatives ,which was a plus…so all in all,I LIKE IT!thumbs up…
    i hope i win!!!!could sure use that…
    Thanks again for a kickin contest…


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