Easy Tool  

Easy Tool

The Tick Key easy tool is used to remove the tick, head and all.

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Tick Key Tick Remover  

Tick Key Tick Remover

No one wants a tick on them, so anytime those unfortunate buggers dig into your skin, get rid of them nice and easily with the Tick Key. PRODUCT FEATURES: Fabricated from high strength anodized aluminum Easily stored in a wallet, pocket, on a key cha...

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The Tick Key® Tick Remover 3-Pack (tickkey)

Current Price: $14.25
Bids: 12
The Tick Key - 9492281002

Current Price: $5.25
Bids: 2
The Tick Key - DK17_N

Current Price: $3.49
Bids: 0
The Tick Key

Current Price: $6.44
Bids: 9
The Tick Key for Tick Removal 3 Pack (Multi)
Current Price: $15.30
Bids: 3