Camping Lighter  

Camping Lighter

Lightweight and able to burn through just about anything, Solo's Camping Lighter simplifies everything from lighting a barbeque to getting your portable stove ready. PRODUCT FEATURES: Traditional Flame 1800 Extendable and retractable flame extension ...

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Solo Adventurer Lighter  

Solo Adventurer Lighter

ADVENTURER LIGHTER:The Adventurer lighter is a finely crafted lighting device developed to meet the extreme demands of the Solo adventurer. It features a bright red windproof Laser Flame and a built in compass. Laser torch flame: 3700F. Ignition leve...

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Solo Camping Lighter Asst Colors  

Solo Camping Lighter Asst Colors

CAMPING LIGHTER:This lightweight child resistant lighter features a retractable flame extension which is great for lighting barbeques. fireplaces and other hard to reach places. Traditional flame: 1800F. Translucent plastic. Hand adjustable flame kno...

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