Sink The Stink Gear Deodorizer  

Sink The Stink Gear Deodorizer

Are you sick of stinky gear Now you can easily eliminate odors from all your paddling gear with Sink the Stink Gear Deodorizer. It's biodegradable, no harsh chemicals, safe to use. Highly concentrated, Sink the Stink is easy to take along and easy to...

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Sink the Stink 4 fl. oz. (118 ml) Bottle

Current Price: $9.95
Bids: 2
Sink The Stink Wetsuit Cleaner 4oz Bottle

Current Price: $15.34
Bids: 0
Sink the Stink 1/2 oz for Scuba Wetsuits

Current Price: $2.19
Bids: 0